Worldrift Lands

The Map

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The Regions


Ursatas is a dark island nation that has been ruled by a coven of witches for the last half-century. Though there have been many attempts to overthrow them, demons and devils continuously assist the witches in defense.


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Ilibron is a land of weary folk – the mountains are full of horrible giants and they say the Feyfield Forest that stretches much of the land is full of things even worse.


Populated primarily by dwarves and humans, almost any race can be found in the port cities that dot the southern coast. Elves are also attracted to the region, potentially because of the rumors of fey in the nearby Ilibron, but, more likely, because gunpowder has recently been discovered and dwarves have taken to building simple firearms.


Said to the the original lands of the dwarves, this icy tundra is full of strange mountains and even stranger metals. It is ruled by a number of dwarf lords that have each claimed a nation and a large stone hall in a mountain.


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Sparacius is either a small continent or a large volcano – cartographers are still debating it. It is ruled by a great king, once a great pirate, who manages the great ports of the island (and, rumor has it, still maintains a few pirat crews from time to time).


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Janholt is a land of the long-forgotten. Once home to a great nation, war with Corym and several brutal dragons have reduced it to a rag-tag collection of desert survivors.


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Worldrift Lands

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