Southglass small
Gov’t. Monarchy
Ruler King Boran Shatterwick
Pop. 350,000
Area 225 sq. mi.
Elev. 200 ft.


Southglass was founded the better part of 800 years ago by the first of the Shatterwicks. Originally the site of a war between man and orge, Southglass was left as a large plane of glass on Janholt’s coast. After campaigning across the desert and killing the beasts, however, Giles Shatterwick, the leader of the campaign, returned to the site and built his castle on it.

A city has since grow up around the Shatterwick keep, bustling with trade and fishermen. When the elves settled at Dragonoak, more trade relations picked up. In the gleaming city, it was possible to get any manner of trinket, magical item, or dark secret.

Not long after, however, the spellscars appeared in the north and the fallout from their formation plagued Southglass for centuries, muddling all magical work for nearly three hundred years. Since then, magic has been strictly controlled in the city as even now the simplest of spells have a chance to go awry.

Southglass has become the port of choice for visitors of Janholt as a result of trading, and even though magic has been all but outlawed in the city, it is still a major resource for those looking to acquire rare, unique, and strange divine works.


Southglass provides homes to over 350,000 people and has plenty of work to go around. Primarily a trade city, it is easy to get by as a fisher, a trader, a sailor, a bartender, or even a priest of a local church.


Boran Shatterwick is Southglass’s benign king. He represents all of the men of the desert and he relies on his son and a few close friends to run his kingdom, keeping peace from Southglass to the Crystalwind Keep. He has been in power for the better part of twenty years, however, and while his reign has been good there are rumors that he is becoming too lax in his old age.


The city was built in a desert, along the coast. Though the ocean water helps a bit, and is often purified for the city’s water supply, growing anything in the town can be difficult. Grains work tolerably well, however, along with cotton. Most diets in Southglass consist primarily of some desert-safe fruits, cactus milks, breads, and fish.

Southglass small
A simple map of the center of Southglass.


The original patch of glass the city was built on was round and about two miles in diameter, a great scar on the desert left from the ogre mages fighting Giles Shatterwick’s magus squadrons. The keep and heart of the city is built on this disk. Since then, however, the city has slowly expanded around the area. The city is not almost fifteen miles to a side, and nearly 230 square miles total.


Nearly sixty percent of the city worship Erastil. There are also a number of people who worship chaotic good and chaotic neutral gods, including Gorum and Cayden Cailean. Indeed, most of the kingdom of Janholt worships one of these gods, though little pockets of virtually any religion can be found in Southglass.

The city is primarily humans with an olive color of skin. There are also a number of dwarves in the city, often setting off on prospecting in the nearby mountains for precious materials. Similarly, there is a small concentration of elves in the north region of the city, often in from Dragonoak to trade. The smaller races are less common, but not unheard of.


Most of the economic exchange in the city is done through trade. Magical items made of divine magics, clothing of the finest cottons and silks, and glass artwork are the primary exports of nation, though almost anything can be found in small quantities. Trade relations with the elves to the east bring in a number of unique and strange goods as well, and the city has a strong black market for arcane writings (though many are fake or otherwise hidden).

A number of citizens also make money as boatsmen, sailors, and tradesmen making normal goods. Fish is always in frequent supply at the city’s docks and woodworking and blacksmithing skills are never in short supply.


Some places of note are Shatterwick Keep, Giles Shatterwick’s old castle built of ceramics, the Glasspike, a great, clear, glass tower left established as a magus guild before magic was outlawed, and the famous Glasstile Bazaar, where trade is going all hours of the day and night.


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