Character Creation Guidelines

Books and Rules

You may use anything from the Pathfinder SRD that is not labeled as 3rd-party.


We’re using 4d6 drop one for stats. That is, for your stats, roll 4d6 and drop the lowest. Then do this five more times. Then distribute those six numbers into your stats. I’m trusting your guys to be honest :P

Gear and Equipment

Using the starting gold suggested by the core book (the average, don’t roll for it). Also, compute the weight (I usually use google docs’ excel sheet).

The Questionnaire

Once your character has been created, I will make a page that is secret only between you and myself with several questions about your character’s past, etc., that will allow me to better tailor the plot to suit them.

A Note About The world

I’ve currently put a map of the world up with brief descriptions for about half the continent (and I will complete it over the coming days). Feel free to make up cities and places on distant continents for your character’s origin story.

Character Creation Guidelines

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